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The market of server based computing is growing together with the need of companies and end users for individualized, benefit-oriented and low cost IT solutions. The PC as Do-it-all weapon for all IT workplaces belongs to the past. Terminal server/thin client solutions have been successfully established and fulfill their task as much lower Total Cost Ownership (TCO). At the same time they offer additional ecological, ergonomic and security-relevant advantages. The increasing demand for thin clients is a distinct signal for a market differentiation in the traditional PC market. The OfficeStation as all-in-one plug & play ultra thin terminal open the doors to new markets, which remained closed to the server based computing so far due to its complexity. OfficeStation is the ideal option of a terminal product for you to enlarge the number of your workplaces.
What is NetStar Network Monitor™?
The Network Monitor is the world's first LCD build-in terminal unit that does not require a CPU, hard-drive, or CDROM yet executes as if it's an ordinary PC.
With OfficeStation's exclusive UTMA (Ultra ThinMulti-Access™ technology, it allows you to connect your existing PC with up to 10 computer terminals. (or 30 computer terminals using Server OS)

How does Network Monitor work?
Your existing PC is being under utilized (see CPU usage diagram right each OfficeStation is programmed to access the host PCs excess computing power, By utilizing Windows 2000/XP's multiuser feature with UTMA technology from Ncomputing, each OfficeStation terminal can operate like a separate PC terminal without decreasing the overall performance of either the host PC or each OfficeStation terminal. Therefore, each OfficeStation can run every application from the host PC independently and securely.
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